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About Bulgaria
Bulgarian telephone directory, media - FAQ
About transport in Bulgaria - FAQ
Greece - Ancient and Modern
Romania - beautiful and mystical
Turkey - country on the three seas and two continents
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in brief about Balkans

Balkan countries are between:
the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea (the Adriatic Sea, Ionian sea, Aegean sea)

"Full" Balkan countries are:
(from north to south)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Kosovo (partially recognized)
Bulgaria (EU)
Greece (EU)

Countries that are located mostly outside the Balkan peninsula:
Romania (EU)

Balkan living in the 21st century.

Selected Articles Questions & Answers Balkans by sections
About Bulgaria
Provinces of Bulgaria
Capital of Bulgaria - Sofia
Attractions in Sofia, Bulgaria and in its surroundings
Bourgas is the second-largest city and seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast
Main tourist sights in Bourgas; where are best places to visit in Bourgas area.
Veliko Tarnovo is historical capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire
Information on tourism in Veliko Turnovo, a city with history and landmarks.
Bulgarian telephone directory, media - FAQ
Information about telephone numbers in Bulgaria
Telephone companies in Bulgaria
Search of home phone number in Bulgaria
How to find friend's phone number. How to call in ...
About transport in Bulgaria - FAQ
Railway in Bulgaria, train schedule in Bulgaria
Information about Bulgarian State Railways
About railway stations and border checkpoints
Rail transportation, international transportation
Turkey - country on the three seas and two continents
Istanbul - the largest town of Turkey
Istanbul, known as Carigrad and Constantinople (first historical name - Vyzantium) is a global metropolis and the largest city in Turkey.
Antalya is a city and resort on the Mediterranean
Antalya is a city on the Mediterranean coast of southwestern Turkey, and the capital city of Antalya Province.
Bodrum - center of tourism and yachting
Bodrum is a Turkish port town in Muğla Province, in the southwestern Aegean Region of the country.

The Balkans - a crossroads of Europe, the emergence of civilizations, great prospects, nice place for new experiences, recreation and rehabilitation.

Treatment of the sea, the healing mineral waters and muds in Bulgaria - a disease of the joints, liver and kidneys, bronchitis, asthma, allergies, etc. - with Astrela

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