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How to find a home phone number in Bulgaria?

Search of home phone number in Bulgaria

The phone number has changed, how to find the new number

How to find a home phone number (of private person) in Bulgaria

Now in Bulgaria there are few phone companies that provide landlines: Vivacom, Mtel, Globul.
Vivacom (BTK-Vivatel) - Bulgarian telephone company, which has started during the communists time.
Internet phone directory
Online phone directories of other telephone companies are unknown.

Rf. more about telephone inquiry service in Bulgaria - Phone numbers, companies

Short Bulgarian-English dictionary for search:

физическо лице - private person
интернет указател - online telephone directory
селищни кодове - city telephone codes
международни кодове - international calling codes
международен телефонен указател - international telephone directory
населено място - settlement
домашни абонати - telephone subscribers - individuals (home phone)

How to find friend's phone number?

In Bulgaria there is a Law for protection of personal data, so to get any phone number you should know the name and the address of the subscriber

And there are no guarantees that the subscriber is in the phone book.

The phone number has changed, how to find out what the new number is?

You can learn the new telephone number through telephone inquiry, their phone numbers are at How to find a phone number in Bulgaria

The answer is given in the local Bulgarian long-distance telephone format, for example:
Telephone area code of Sozopol - 550, the first "0" is dropped.
When dialing from abroad: +359 550 PHONE_NUMBER
(359 - international dialing code of Bulgaria)

How to find home phone number in Gabrovo?

Can't reach a phone number in Gabrovo.

Prompt the number of telephone inquiry service in Gabrovo.
Information below is partly outdated. To get the actual information, see at the internet directory.

Long distance prefix of Gabrovo 066
International call prefix of Gabrovo +359 66

Inquiry Service, telephone inquiry service in Gabrovo.
Telephone inquiry service in Gabrovo +359 66/231-31
Telephone inquiry service in Sevlievo +359 675/231-31
Telephone inquiry service in Dryanovo +359 676/31-31
Telephone inquiry service Tryavna +359 677/31-31

How to find a person in Bulgaria

I am looking for a friend ... with all possible means, she lives in ... (exact address). Search since 2007 - I have sended a letter, it has returned. Would like to see her so much.

On this websites you can place an ad about searching of a person in Bulgaria:

Search for a person in Bulgaria,


Here you can search by a name Rambler search,

Search for a person in the whole world Search 24,

You can also try to look here Search for people, but consider that its services are paid.


See also:
Information about contacts of company in Bulgaria

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The Balkans - a crossroads of Europe, the emergence of civilizations, great prospects, nice place for new experiences, recreation and rehabilitation.

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