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How to submit (online) an advertisement to a free advertisements newspaper? Where to submit an ad for a job? How to find Bulgarian forums?

Newspapers for free classified ads and free newspapers

Bulgarian classified ads, recruitment agency, forums

Where are the classified ads from a newspaper in the Internet? Newspapers for free classified

Free advertisements newspaper Pozvanete, regional editions in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna.

Bulgarian-English dictionary for translation of the page "Free advertisements newspaper"

агенции за запознанства - dating agency
агенции за недвижими имоти - real estate agency
агенции по труда - human resource agency
запознанства - dating
здраве - health
предлага - offer
търся - want (looking for)
издирва се - wanted
имоти-купува - real estate-buy
продава - sell
пари - money
съобщения - community
стопанство - household
хотели - hotels
заведения - restaurants, coffee shops, taverns and other forms of foodservice.
търговия - trade

Where to submit an ad for a job?

If the ad is about job offers for expert, manufacturing workers or office employees, then submit the ad to an online recruitment agency.

Other ways of recruitment - How to find an employee in Bulgaria.

A website with all recruitment agencies:

Look also "Looking for a permanent job". On the other side, why not take a freelancer for a job?

How to find Bulgarian classified ads?
and thousands and thousands of classified ads boards.

How to find Bulgarian forums?

Many forums, many threads.
Many forums, many topics.

Forum Cosmopolitan
Nearly half a million posts.

Topics of the forum of magazine for women - club meetings, fashion discussions, cosmetic and perfume news - advantages and disadvantages, buying and using, recipes, beauty, health problems. Pregnancy and childbirth.
An important place on the forum is weight loss - who lost weight, who is losing weight, who is going to lose weight. Healthy food: good and bad food.
Children, family, travel and leisure (exchange of traveling experience).

Forum is not forgetting about intimate moments, discussion of television broadcasts, horoscopes, etc.



The Balkans - a crossroads of Europe, the emergence of civilizations, great prospects, nice place for new experiences, recreation and rehabilitation.

Treatment of the sea, the healing mineral waters and muds in Bulgaria - a disease of the joints, liver and kidneys, bronchitis, asthma, allergies, etc. - with Astrela

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